Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Carlton Tn Academy 4-1 Newark Flowserve Academy

Wednesday 19th May 2010 --- NSL Reserve League Cup Final

Played at Calverton MW FC, pleasant setting, pleasant company and a mild evening. Much better game than the Tuesday night effort ... and a decent turn-out - we reckon over 150 present.
Met up with Richard "Wanderer" Lane - he'd been at Trent Bridge all day and just made Calverton for the kick off. Also in the company of evergreen Brian Dennett... mind you he didn't stay with us long - I think he went and had a talk to every single person in the ground !!!
The first three goals were all down to poor goal-keeping ...the first in the 8th minute saw Newark's keeper parry a shot he ought to have held - presenting the Carlton no.7 with a simple tap in from close range. Newark levelled on 27 when Carlton keeper Ross Cherry missed his kick giving the Flowserve 11 jacket an open goal to run the ball in to.
I really don't know whether the Carlton second goal should be put down to a goal-keeping error - but when Carlton's Matt Wilkinson flighted the ball goalwards from 40 yards out on 31, the Newark keeper was way off his line, and even though he back-tracked he failed to stop the ball entering the net. Goal-keeping error? May be a bit harsh H-T 2-1
The second half was full of flowing football, but chances were at a bit of a premium. Two great saves by the Newark keeper in the 72nd minute kept his team in the game, but when Carlton's no.9 played in his strike partner on 79, there was little the keeper could do other than watch as the ball was stroked into the net. Carlton were awarded a penalty right on full time that their 11 shirt fired home. F-T 4-1
This was the second time we have seen Carlton win a trophy after their epic game with Coronation in April
Admission £2
H/C 150
Thursday -- More NSL -- Senior Cup Final at Arnold Town kick off 7:30pm

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