Wednesday, 24 June 2009

August pre-season ....perhaps !!

Following on from the previous post --

August's pre-season games begin with another visit to Field Mill on the 1st to see the Mighty Stags take on Hartlepool. The Stags are at home again on Monday 3rd - they are to take on Dave Holdsworth's former team Ilkeston Town at 7:30pm. May decide to go to the Eagle Valley though to catch Arnold Tn v Macclesfield Tn... we'll see.

Tuesday 4th off to Gedling MW again - they have lined up Carlton Tn with a 7:30pm kick off. The Conference season starts on the 8th, and if the Stags are at home, we'll be there. If not, we will probably be at Carlton Tn v Matlock Tn.

Sunday 9th - Sutton Tn AFC are at home to Blaby and Whetstone kick off 1:00pm, and pre-season effectively ends on 12th when we go to Pinxton v Parkhouse, ko 7:30pm.


1st Mansfield Town v Hartlepool 3:00pm.

3rd Mansfield Town v Ilkeston Tn 7:30pm or Arnold Tn v Macclesfield Tn 7:45pm.

4th Gedling MW v Carlton Tn 7:30pm.

8th Conference season starts or Carlton Tn v Matlock Tn 3:00pm

12th Pinxton Tn v Parkhouse 7:30pm.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Update on pre-season games

As much as I have enjoyed the T20 and the U21 footie, pre-season cannot come quick enough!!

We are still taking in mostly Notts and Derbys in the coming season, and the list of pre-season games in our "manor" is growing larger every day. Me and Kev are planning to take in as many games as possible, but if it pans out like last season, we may miss the odd game or two.... not an issue really - after all, pre-season games are usually poor affairs anyway.

Our first game was to have been Worksop at Blidworth on the 14th July, but now Calverton MW are to take Hucknall Town on the 11th, so we may just take in that one. Relegated Town are hoping they can put together a squad that is able to compete in the UniBond Premier Division, while Calverton, although they have parted company with their Manager, assistant Manager and coach, must hope that after such a great 2008-2009 season, they can still be competitive in the CLM supreme and take the next step up non-league ladder.

Could have a look at Kirkby v Stags XI on the 15th - then Sutton Tn AFC v Royston FC follows on the 18, Forest Town v Shirebrook on the 19th and then on Tuesday 21st it's the big one -- Stags v Leicester City at Field Mill.

Bulwell Tn v Sutton on the 23rd, Blidworth v Stags XI on the 24th, Gedling MW v Hucknall Town on the 25th, Stags v Walsall on the 28th, Greenwood Meadows v Shirebrook on 29th..........July looks a bit busy, and I can't see us doing all those games, but it might be fun to try!!!!

Not many EMCL friendlies have been announced yet - so if any tasty ones do arise, then the list of games may change.....oh, and these game were not arranged by yours truly, so if they aren't on, or are changed, or kick off times alter, please don't blame me......


7th Calverton MW v Hucknall Tn 7:30pm

14th Blidworth W v Worksop Tn 7:45pm

15th Kirkby Tn v Mansfield Tn XI 7:30pm

18th Sutton Tn AFC v Royston FC 3:00pm

19th Forest Tn v Shirebrook Tn 2:00pm

21st Mansfield Tn v Leicester City 7:45pm

23rd Carlton Tn v Wrexham 7:30pm

24th Blidworth W v Mansfield Tn XI 8:00pm

25th Gedling MW v Hucknall Tn 3:00pm

28th Mansfield Tn v Walsall FC 7:30pm

29th Greenwood Mdws v Shirebrook Tn 7:45pm

30th Rainworth MW v Eastwood Tn 7:30pm

Friday, 5 June 2009

Pre-season looking good already!

Even with a lot of clubs still unsure of which Divison or even which League they'll be playing in next season, there are already a plethora of pre-season matches to choose from in July and August.

I know we will be going to Field Mill a couple or three times - we need to see how the team will shape up now we are season ticket holders!

Sutton Town AFC have announced their pre-season programme. Danny "Mr. Kimberley Town" Staley has joined up with the Snipes - and is looking forward to working with Danny Bryant again. The pair worked ogether a few years back.

Already have 8 games lined up, but as usual they will be subject to change - please don't blame me if you end up at the wrong ground on the wrong day and at the wrong time......

It all starts on Tuesday 14th July apparently, with Worksop's visit to Blidworth Welfare. Then on Sat 18th July we plan to go to the Fieldings when Sutton Town AFC will take on Royston Town of the Spartan South Midlands League kick off 3pm.